Have you ever been to a mountain top or a party with hundreds of your friends or colleagues in it and you wanted to capture every one of them, or the whole 360-degree artistic scene of Mother Nature but felt so desolate on being unable to fit everything or the mountain on the right and that beautiful crystal clear spring on the left, in one frame! But wait, have you heard about the 360- degree selfie yet? The so called ‘spherical image or surrounding,’ it has literally got your back.
Yes you pretty much got the idea, from the point where we stood holding a selfie stick in hand and making weird faces while trying to adjust everyone in one picture, we have really come this far, we are actually living the future!
A 360-degree selfie is a self-portrait picture which enables you to capture everything around you in every possible direction.

Let’s begin our journey. So, there are many companies which have brought out 360 cameras and headsets over the past few years. Like iPhone has panoramic camera lens while Samsung has Gear 360 camera and headset. That being said, there are many apps also which allow you to click a 360 (easy way out, isn’t it?)

360 taken on your iPhone or Android device can be viewed easily on different social platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. In March 2015, YouTube launched the ability for users to upload and view a 360-image. While Facebook decided to take us into future, in September 2015.

A 360-degree is taken via multiple camera lenses fitted in the device, which film overlapping angles concurrently. These separate pictures are then merged together into one spherical piece. Color and contrast of each shot are then harmonized.

A 360 can be easily seen on helmet-mounted display (a device is worn on the head that has a display in front of each eye), computers and mobile devices. On laptops, a mouse is used to pan around the picture by clicking and dragging. In cell phones (smartphones of course) internal sensors are present that pan the picture based on an orientation of the device.
Bigger picture

All the hard work is done! The selfie clicked is worth a thousand words. It deepens the viewer’s admiration of a place or event.

A whole new experience: Those who cannot be physically present at the place are able to experience slash witness the beauty of the scene. Think of all the grandparents out there who are unwilling to travel, yes you can show them the 360-degree selfie and let them experience the scene from their own seats, back at home.

360-selfie; a girl’s new best friend: Well yes ladies, you can now click a scene going on behind the closed doors (pretending you are clicking a selfie)-and can gossip about it later with your best friend, with evidence in your hands (OOH!)

Event: A social person or not, every now and then we need to attend a relative or friends marriage, a birthday or any other event. With the trend of selfie touching horizons, one just somehow gets infected. And this is the time when you grab all your friends and pick your phone to click one amazing selfie. The drama begins here; unsurprisingly no one just fits in. Yes, you can see very well where I am taking you. Selfie-360 is just a perfect fit here. Not only just every person fit in but you can also imagine all the décor just popping up in the picture. Thrilling!

Professional: It just doesn’t end here; a 360-degree is also being tested by broadcasters, as a way of showing the place from where journalists are reporting. Be it a hurricane, a chaotic scene or a picturesque location, one can show everything around him in a surrounding.


Tracker: A tourist can never forget way back home now. Click a 360 of every main land mark. On your return, these will lead you home. If you have a smartphone, then you already have this tech in your hand. For all the travelers this is the coolest travel accessory. While proving its importance in tourism its use can extend to medical, marriage and film production too.