Printers are something that everyone is already familiar with. You send your soft copy to the printer and it creates exactly the same pattern on the paper. There are many types of these printers which work differently but their purpose is almost the same; to print an image of that soft copy you sent.

Have you ever wondered what would it like to print an object? Let me clear it to you. An object here means something which is real having 3 dimensions and not just on a paper. Yes, a 3D object is what I’m talking about. It may seem impossible to you but actually, it isn’t. 3D printing is a technology that lets you make a copy of any image you want in any color. You may not believe me right now but after reading this article you will be amazed that 3D printers do exist and work excellently.

So, when did this technology emerge? 3D printing actually started at the early 80s. A lot of advancement has occurred through the time. 3D printers have a lot of uses in different fields like medicine, aerospace, architecture, and military etc. Before going any further let me tell me how they actually work.

Working on 3D printing:

3D printers have many types but the one we are talking about right now works with a digital design or image of the desired object. An SD card with the file is inserted into the printer. Then all you have to do is to give a command to the printer to start working. Then the printer starts and takes different time depending upon the size of the object to create it. A small object like an ear will take 4 to 5 hours to be printed.

Applications of 3D printers:

3D printers have a lot of applications related to different fields. Following are some of the most common uses:

  1. Medicine:

Science has done a lot of for the field of medicine. This is due to the fact that health is the most important thing in anybody’s life. The best use of science is to help people so that there will be fewer health issues and deaths. 3D printers are also doing their job regarding this field.

  • Creations of organs:

God has made us in the best shape possible but due to some reasons we destroy our bodies or it gets destroyed by accidents. That doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to live a normal healthy life. Doctors are trying to create new organs by the use of 3D prints so that they could replace it with the affected organ. They are printing noses, ears and many other organs for humans. The best thing is they use the patient’s own cell. It avoids the chances of rejection.

  • Kidney transplant:

A lot of people are facing kidney issues. There are donors also who are willing to donate their kidneys in exchange for money. But the people who are in a need of kidneys are much more than the donors. In this situation, 3 D printers are here to make kidneys that can be transplanted into human body reducing the number of deaths by this issue. This technology is still in progress.

  1. Industry:

3D printers can copy and create a lot of machinery stuff that is used in industry. 3D printing has reached the level of technological maturity that now it is being used not just as prototyping but in industrial use also. A very good example is its use in aerospace industry. Commercially used air ducts have been created that are lighter, cheaper and smoother than the traditional air ducts. Many other objects in industrial use can also be found that are made through 3D printing technology.

  1. Guns and related stuff:

Science has no boundaries. When a new invention occurs it can be used for both the creation and the destruction. The same is the case here. 3D printers are now in use to make guns that have been used in the mass shootings and wars. Gun parts are being created by these printers. A blue print of that part is sent as the file and the working starts. But here is one thing to consider. Why making something that can cause create harm? It’s still not answered. These guns can be used to arm yourself or to destroy; it’s totally up to you.


These aren’t the only uses of 3D printing. Hollywood is trying to make parts of a suit which iron man wore in Iron man 2 through 3D printing technology. Amazing, right? So in nutshell 3D printing can be used in many ways to save humanity and make this world a better place.