We have come so far in this world of technology that nowadays a computer can perform many tasks which were only possible by a human brain. There is a constant development in the field of science to compete with the human brain and designed programs that can do work with the exact complexity of a human mind. A human brain listens, decodes, and solves the problems etc. Artificial intelligence (abbreviated as AI) is the field of computer science that is focusing on creating programs that can react and work like a human mind. It will be able to do different activities that only a human brain can do. Some of those activities involve visual perception, decision making, learning, problem-solving, planning, and speech recognition etc.

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Science:

AI was first proposed in the 1950s. Despite many controversies, there are many scientists, researchers, and technologists who paid attention to this theory and started working on it. In most of developing country, the medical facilities and doctors rate is very low. Almost hundreds of people died due to this fact. There were many reasons for it. First the lack of doctors, it could not be overcome easily. The lack of machinery, there is very few machinery available for the treatment of the patients and the treatment to this reasons had cost a lot. There were many other reasons like no proper diagnosis, obviously when the disease is not properly diagnosed how it can be cured.

Artificial intelligence is now used in many fields including medical science or medicine. Through the use of artificial intelligence in medicine a lot of death rate is reduced. Even with a small or limited number of doctors greater tasks are being performed. The health care has also improved.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Science:

Following are some of the ways that show how artificial intelligence has helped in medicine.

Accurate and Fast Diagnostics:

One of the main faults that doctors do is not diagnosing the disease properly. With the artificial intelligence, the brain’s neutral network is imitated successfully and it even learns from the past cases. There have been done various studies related to an artificial neutral network that showed that they can diagnose several diseases successfully like eye problems, malignant melanoma and different forms of cancer by analyzing diagnostic criteria and spectral information.

Reduced errors related to fatigue:

A single doctor sees more than 80 patients per week that mean they are not able to provide proper care and attention to every patient that they need. Doctors are human too and they can’t handle that many patients. Unlike humans, AI is something which is free of these errors. It doesn’t matter what is the number of patients, how many hours they need to be cared of and how much task is left to be done. They are like a super-human which assists doctors to avoid errors and give them relief from monotonous tasks.

Virtual presence:

Due to this technology, you won’t have to leave your bed. There are some patients who are not able to go and see a doctor. Virtual presence solves this issue. Now with only a remote, a doctor can engage with his patient without actually being present there. They can take care of their patients as effectively as real.


Improvement in radiology has brought a tremendous change in the medical field. Now malignant and tumors can be treated by a non-invasive method called as cyber-knife. The best thing about this system is that it uses image-guided technology and mobility controlled by a computer which detects and corrects tumor throughout the body. Precise radiations are delivered to the tumor and the surrounding area is protected.

Therapeutic Robots:

It has been proved by studies that caring and cuddling with pets improves the human health so these therapeutic robots are designed for the Alzheimer’s patients. They help to delay cognitive problems by nurturing the brain and making a person healthy. Less medical assistance is required for a person and he can stay more in his home.

New developments are in progress. The world of computer and medical science is combining to help for the betterment of people and the environment.