In this modern era of vast technology, we can’t deny the importance of a smartphone. It has become a very important part of our daily life. Whether we want to take a picture, talk with someone, want to search something and browse the internet etc. we use a smartphone. Not only just a mode of entertainment, smartphones have also helped us in our important tasks. Now you can do almost anything related to technology through it. It can be used as a remote, as a camera, as a text file viewer, as an mp3 and many other things. The first ever computer was designed by Charles Babbage, who we all are familiar with. He is considered to be the father of the computer. Did anybody know at that time that technology will grow this far? It would just be a dream. But here we are, in the 21st century with a smartphone which has almost all the features of a computer in our pockets. Smartphones give you a sense of relief. Now you don’t need to turn on a PC or carry a laptop for doing simple tasks like writing a document etc. Everything is packed in a device which a person can easily hold in his hand. The fuss has been ended.

Starting from a simple phone through which you could only make a call or send a text message, we have come to smartphones that operate on different operating systems. Java, apple, windows, Symbian and android are the most common operating systems being used. Java is outdated nowadays and mostly android and apple is present in the burning market. All of us has used or even had just seen an Android phone, right? We are familiar with most of the features too but some of you might have thought that what an Android system is. It is actually a program designed by an American engineer, venture capital, entrepreneur and a computer programmer named Andy Rubin. Born on 22nd June 1962, this man made a history by creating a program which was then named as Android. Andy Rubins along with Nick Sears, Rich Miner, and Chris Miner, first developed the Android system in the year 2003. The company’s early purpose was to create an operating system for advanced digital cameras. It was later decided by the company that camera market is very small for the business and after almost five months they starting working on making Android as an operating system for mobile phones which would compete for Windows and Symbian operating system. In July of 2005, Android Inc. was acquired by Google. The key employees of Android Inc. Rubin, White and Miner joined Google. Until 2007, QWERTY layout mobile phones with no touchscreens were developed. But in November of 2007, they first launched wireless carriers with touchscreens such as T-Mobile and Sprint. Later on, different signs of progress were made and now we are here with Android 6.0 marshmallow which has almost hundreds of features.

Andy Rubins left Google in the year 2014 to create a technology investment company named playground. It funds various companies and essential is one of them. The essential company has launched its first product and they named it the Essential phone. This device runs on the Android Operating system. This phone cost $699 US dollars. This is a new product and it is difficult for it to break into the market of huge dominance by well-renowned brands. In the market of smartphones, Samsung Company has the largest share i-e 21%. Apple has 14% share. Let’s talk about some features of the Essential phone.

Combined lenses:

This device has two rear cameras, which allows it take better photographs even in the dim and low light. The front camera offers an 8-megapixel camera which has a sensor. Two magnetic dots are designed which makes it simple to Snap-On. The company is also offering 360-degree camera add-on.

Tough body:

This phone is made by titanium which made it really tough and the company says that there will be no need of a case. There are no logos on the phone which makes it clean and stylish.

There are a lot of other features on this phone. Mobiles phones as I told above have become a necessary part of our daily life. We should try to get as much benefit from them as we can.